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In the morning,
you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast,
have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake
and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains.
cannot leave you indifferent.
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In general

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the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways, is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Nowhere else can you find so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains. Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent.


is the southernmost city at Montenegrin coast. Withits natural potential Ulcinj is tourism borne. The longest beach at the Adriatic sea – Velika plaza (Long Beach) 13 km long (Sandbox beach is part of the Long Beach), Ada Bojana – a unique river island with marvelous sandy beaches, Valdanos – a unique bay with a coastline coveredin old olive trees, the reconstructed old city of Ulcinj – full of interesting restaurants, cafés, galleries and hotels … and many other attractive sights make Ulcinj unique and attractive for many tourists. Velika plaza,with its geographic (sand beach 13 km long and 50-80 m wide) and climate (continuous mistral in period May – October reaching 15 – 25 knots) conditions is a perfect location for kitesurfing.

The Spot

The main spot is ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers due to its broad beach, waist deep water and the steady side-onshore wind. The Seafloor consists of fine sand without any rocks or reef. From May till September the Albanian Alps in the south cater for super steady thermal wind that will hit the coast in the early afternoon with 15 to 25 knots. In kite sizes this means usually 8 – 12sm at high season and bigger kites beginning at 12sm at off season.

As tides don’t really exist in Montenegro you can start kiting whenever the wind kicks in.

Due to the warm water, wetsuits are not really necessary in the summer. Some kilometres downwind there is a river mouth with perfect flat water. All the freestylers among you will find the perfect conditions over there to improve your skills. Of course, advanced kiters have the opportunity to leave their kite gear safely in the storage room.

At the kitecenter you will find showers, toilets, sunbeds and other seating options where you can relax between the sessions and chat with other kitesurfers. After kiting you can enjoy a wonderful seafood restaurants on the river Bojana (2km from kitecentar), stroll through the old town or take a fun on a party in one of kitecentars.

In the days when there is no wind we can organize exciting excursions for you: canyoning, rafting, kayaking, diving, sailing, hiking, bicycle tours...


As a European citizen you don’t need a Visa to enter.

Currency and manner of payment

Official means of payment in Montenegro is EUR (€).

In Montenegro you can use the following credit cards:

  • Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners.

You can pay by credit cards in the largest number of catering facilities, restaurants, hotels, bars, gas stations, food stores and consumer goods shops.

In all towns there are ATMs where you can raise money.

Credit Cards in the kitecentar you can not use.

How to get there

In Montenegro there are 2 International airports: Podgorica and Tivat. There is also the International airport of Cilipi located in Dubrovnik (Republic of Croatia) in near vicinity of Montenegro (from Cilipi to the border of Montenegro there are only 16 km).

Companies which regularly fly to the airports of Montenegro are the following: Montenegro Airlines, Jat Airways, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airways, Rayanair, and in summer months numerous charter companies operate.

Airport Podgorica located 11km from the capital of Montenegro. Every day there are scheduled flights to Belgrade as well as to various European and world destinations. During the summer season there are many charter flights and air connections to all major cities of the world. Distance to the our beach is about 75 km (1,5h).

Airport Tivat is the ideal choice of arrival to visit the Montenegro coast. It is only 20km away from the tourist metropolis of Budva and less than 10 kilometers from Kotor. There are daily flights to Belgrade as well as to different European destinations. During the summer season there are charter flights to major cities of Europe and world. Distance to the our beach is about 85 km (1,5h).

Airport of Čilipi (Dubrovnik, Croatia) is 25 kilometers away from Herceg Novi and there are organized transfers via buses to all tourist destinations in Montenegro organized for travelers arriving at this airport. Distance to the our beach is about 160 km.

From the airport we can arrange transport for you, or we can help you to get the right rent-a-car

Trust us,
we know how to make you
fall in love with kite and board!
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We are serious about kitesurfing,

it is our passion, but most of all it is our way of life. We will take care of the highest quality of your training, as well as safety and fun! Trust us – we know how to make you fall in love with kite and board.

All our courses will not have more than 3 participants per instructor. Students will rotate for better learning results. Depending on your talent or pre-existing experience with sports as windsurfing, power kiting, wake boarding each student learns differently fast. We always give our best efforts for your maximum success.

You`re looking for individual courses or package deals? Just click our packages or send us a request.

The kiteschool provides you with the latest gear of F-One.

Our instructors speak English, German, Dutch (Netherlands), Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian.

Introduction course

3 hours (1 day)

From this course you should start learning kitesurfing. Introduction course is only an entrance into the world of kiting. If you are not 100% sure that kitesurfing is for you – this level will help you decide!

Beginner course

10 hours (3-4 days)

The most popular option for beginners. You will learn all the basics of safety, kite set up, kite flying, bodydrag in all directions and start the most exciting part... Getting on the board and ride !!

By the end of this course you should be able to do short rides to one or both sides. You will then become an independent kiter and be able to learn on your own or take an intermediate course for a fast learning curve.

Intermediate course

5 hours (2 days)

This course is aimed at kitesurfers that have already had some kitesurfing lessons and would like some more tuition to master their board starts and controlled riding. The lesson is 100% practical and the whole time is spent with the board.

You can make a package to suit you,
just contact us and we'll make a deal.
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For those who want to think only about kitesurfing,

we offer our complete packages. The price is much better than that you alone make the same package.

Total Beginners as well as intermediate and advanced kitesurfers will be totally taken care of with those packages.

Included service:

  • Accommodation
  • Kite Course as booked
  • Gear Rental (kite, board, bar, harness, wet suit) for the rest of the week
  • Usage of Sandbox Center facilities: sun beds, showers, WC, beach volley etc.
  • Rescue, launch and landing service
  • Many small surprises from our smiling staff ;) The airport transfer is not included in the price (Podgorica 60 € / Tivat 60 € one way per car). Alternatively, we can offer you a rental car.

If you do not complete the course due to weather conditions or other real reason we will refund part of your money.

Package prices

The prices are per person per week and include the following services. You can also make a package to suit you, just contact us and we'll make a deal.

Prices for single person are 20% higher.

Sandbox house (Apartments)
Beginner package750
Intermediate package650
Basic package350
Rental package550


Beginner package

Ten hours of kite course (see description in school) including kite gear rental for the rest of the week.

Selected accomodation and included services.

Intermediate package

Five hours of kite course (see description in school) including kite gear rental for the rest of the week.

Selected accomodation and included services.

Basic package

Just bring your own gear and hit the water. Storage, rescue service, launch and landing included in this package. Of course also your non-kiting company can attend all these activities.

Selected accomodation and included services.

Rental package

Advanced kitesurfers (able to stay upwind) without their own kite equipment (or with no wish to carry along equipment or pay for extra sporting luggage) can book the rental package. In this way you always have the right sized kite available or you can test kite gear of the current season. We offer you latest gear of F-One and BEST

Accommodation in Ulcinj

On the internet you can find lots of accommodation in Ulcinj, but few of that will meet the criteria of a kitesurfer and demanding guests from Europe.

After many years in Ulcinj and a great knowledge of the city and all it offers, as well as wishes of our guests, we have prepared several options for accommodation that will meet everyone's requests and possibility, whether you want to just sleep away in the simple room near the beach, or if you want to wake up with a view to the sea and enjoy in pool and sauna.

Private apartments

We will choose for you best available private apartment close to beach. Photos on request.

Sandbox house (Apartments)

It is an ideal option for kiters who want to spend the whole holiday in kite atmosphere with the kite company.

Our kite house is located in a quiet area of the village, surrounded by nature, with a large garden (free parking). House contains 12 apartments, for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. All apartments have a bathroom, kitchen, TV, terrace, air conditioning, free internet.

Meet the team
Team page background
  • Dragan Pušica - Puška

    • Founder of the Sandbox
    • Instructor
    • Speaks: Serbian, German, English
    • F-One dealer
  • Ilija Nikitović

    • Founder of the Sandbox
    • Speaks: Serbian, English, Russian
  • Nemanja Pajević

    • Instructor
    • Speak: Serbian, English
  • Igor Vojinović

    • Instructor
    • Speak: Serbian, English, Rusian
  • Dejan Georgijevski

    • Instructor
    • Speak: Serbian, English
  • Vladimir Perović

    • Instructor
    • Speak: Serbian, English
  • Ana Gogić

    • Bar staff
  • Jovana Radulović

    • Bar staff
  • Miča Zorić

    • Instructor
    • Speak: Serbian, English
  • Violeta Bojić

    • Staff
    • Speak: Serbian, Spanish, English


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the season starts
and how long it lasts?
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Frequently asked questions

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When the season starts and how long it lasts?

Season starts in May and ends in Octobar

What is the average size kite used on the spot?

9M to 12M

What will the wind be like when i am there?

I have no idea! Funny how often I get asked that question. We have a 90% windy days, and is usually between 15 – 25 knots. Past years best wind was in june. If you go to the windguru or windfinder they can give you a 7 day forecast. http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=39475&sty=m_spot

Do I need a wet suite?

In the summer months the water is warm enough that no wet suite is necessary when kitesurfing. But, due to the many hours of staying in water, in particular during the course, we recommend a 2-3 mm shortie or long wet suite depending on your blood circulation.

Do I need warm clothes?

If you are coming in June or Septembar and I would bring some trousers and a hoodie for the evening.

Should I reserve course/board/rentals before hand?

We recommend that you reserve a course or rental prior to arriving to guarantee you a spot as well as material.

Do you offer Storage?

Yes we do.

Do you offer Storage?

Yes we do.

What currency/credit card should we bring?

The best currency to bring with you is the euro (not US Dollars or Pounds).

Do you have WiFi on the spot?

Yes we have.

Do you have rescue boat?

Yes we have.

Is it allowed to camp on the beach


Is there a auto camp near the beach?

Yes it is, there are several camps near the beach, 5-10 minutes drive

How to make a reservation

Send a request via mail info@kitesurfingmontenegro.com We will check if it is possible to book requested service and confirm to you. If the price and reservation terms suit you, we will send you with e-mail the money order for paying the deposit or entire arrangement. After your confirmation to book the package, the arrangement must be paid (paid 30% from total costs) within 72 hours (three days). After the deposit amount you should contact us as soon as possible with e-mail info@kitesurfingmontenegro.com or tel +381 63 1382 507 As soon as money arrives on our account, you will receive the official voucher as the confirmation of reservation. The other 70% of total costs you have to pay upon your arrival at the spot.

Can I buy some gear from you?

Yes. Dragan Pušica is offical F-One dealer.

We will take care of the highest quality of your taining,
as well as safety and fun!
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School price
Beginner course (10 hours)370
Intermediate course (5 hours)185
Individual lesson (1 hour)60

Prices including all necessary equipment. Course prices are for group lessons (2-3 people)

Start & Storage price15.05.-30.06 & 01.09.-
1 day7€10€
1 week40€60€
2 weeks70€100€

Price including locker(2 kites & board), rescue boat, launch and landing service

Rent pricekiteboardcomplet
1 day54€26€70€

Complet incuding kite, board, harnes and wetsuit

Sunbeds (2-4 person)25,00€
coming soon,
Snow kite with Sandbox!
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Snow kite

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Avaibile dates 10.01.-17.01 & 21.2.-28.2.

During the winter season playing with kite don't stop. Snowkiting is a perfect winter choice for anyone who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, or kiteboarding. It is also the best way to learn and practice the techniques used in kiteboarding. Because you aren't fighting waves or trying to stand up on a board in the water, snowkiting is much easier to learn as well. You can ride on hills, lakes, mountains and plateaux for so long and far that your only
companion will be the horizon.


Durmitor, breathtaking national park was formed by glaciers and is traversed by rivers and underground streams. Along the Tara river canyon, which has the deepest gorges in Europe, the dense pine forests are interspersed with clear lakes and harbour a wide range of endemic flora. There are 17 gorgeous glacial lakes called "mountain eyes" in the area of Durmitor National Park. Chair lift is part of Durmitor Ski Center and contributes to the beauty of the eastern side of Savin Kuk peak which rises some 800 m above the Jezerska Povrs /Plateau of Lakes/.
Plateau of Lakes its huge and wild expanse is the ideal spot for snowkite.

Town of Zabljak is situated in the heart of Durmitor region, at the altitude of 1450 meters, what makes it the highest urban conglomerate in the Balkans.
There are about 4500 inhabitants in Zabljak and its surroundings. Tourist season in Zabljak stretches throughout the year – you can not say which period is best for visiting Zabljak, as every season is uniquely convenient.


As the summer months we offer packages for beginners, experienced riders who want to rent equipment and riders with their equipment. Inculede service: Accommodation and food, kite course as booked, gear rental for the rest of the week, guide, daily transfer to the spot and back to the acommodation, rescue, launch and landing service The airport transfer is not included in the price (Podgorica airport 80 € - one way per car). Alternatively, we can offer you a rental car.



Accommodation is provided in Ethno Village Sljeme, mountain cottages with cable TV and free Wi-Fi. An on-site restaurant serves traditional local cuisine. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price All cottages come with a furnished terrace overlooking the Durmitor. Each one has a seating area with cable TV, a minibar and a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. Free parking is provided on site.

Snowkite prices
Beginner package600€
Rental package500€
Basic package400€

Be in touch

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Dragan Pušica
  • +381 (63)7422-756 (SRB)
  • +382 (69)736-689 (MNE)
Ilija Nikitović
  • +382(68)005-044 (MNE)



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